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Boundary Fence completed.

October 31, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 3261 News

Flood Affected Scoreboard Repaired through McDonald’s Generosity

The January floods proved devastating across the state in many and varied ways and Kingaroy Rugby League grounds were part of the state wide carnage. With the old dressing sheds and scoreboard flood affected, another daunting task fronted the club in how to have the repairs completed in time for the upcoming season. Again, with fantastic community support, the scoreboard and dressing sheds were repaired, but the club was then left with a bill that was looking to hover for the entire season.

Thankfully, through the tireless effort of local McDonalds franchisee, Andrea Steele, funding towards the repairs was granted. Andrea went out of her way to follow up on the progress of this grant via phone calls and emails proving how McDonalds Kingaroy is such a valued and trusted supporter of Junior League in our region.

Further to this great effort, McDonalds Kingaroy also donated a tent, goal post covers, water bottles and fruit bowls to the club.  All of these items have been utilised around the club in many areas and at varied times.

Through the efforts of Andrea, all supporters are now able to keep up with the game with both the score and times being viewed from all parts of the field.


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